The Group B winner of  The Masked Singer season 11 is  Sea Queen (revealed as actress Jenifer Lewis).

Strong Vocals:  Sea Queen consistently impressed with powerful and versatile singing

 Genre Diversity:   She tackled rock alongside her usual flair, showcasing adaptability.

 Close Competition: Despite strong competition, Sea Queen emerged victorious in Group B.

 Intriguing Clues:  Hints pointed towards acting experience and working with Denzel Washington.

Judge Guesses: Panelists leaned towards established singers, fueling the mystery.

Tiki & Husky Ousted: Both strong contenders from Group B were eliminated before the finale.

 Wildcard Advantage: Sea Queen, a wildcard contestant, might've surprised voters.

Showmanship:  Stage presence and charisma added to the overall package.

Unexpected Reveal:  Jenifer Lewis as Sea Queen surprised many, adding a fun twist.