Steve Albini, Venerated Alt-Rock Producer And Punk Icon, Dead At 61

Steve Albini, a renowned musician and music producer, passed away at the age of 61. He had a heart attack in his Chicago recording studio.  

Officials from Albini's Electrical Audio company informed Pitchfork on Wednesday that he had passed away.  

The beloved punk and noise bands Shellac and Big Black were fronted by the alt-rock legend, who also recorded legendary albums like Nirvana's "In Utero" and Pixies' "Surfer Rosa."   

Albini, who was well-known for his unpolished raw recording approach, favored using the term "engineer" rather than "producer" to describe his work.  

A well-known snob, he was openly critical of the unequal treatment of the music business, turning down streaming services and refusing to pay recording artists he worked with money.  

Shellac, Albini's band, was preparing to go on tour in support of the release of their first record in ten years the next week.  

"I don't give a shit," he replied when asked in a 2023 interview with The Guardian about how he wanted his music career to be remembered. What counts to me is that I get to keep doing it because that's what matters. That is the entire premise of it. I was doing it yesterday, I'm going to continue doing it tomorrow, and so on.  

He is survived by wife Heather Whinna and their pets.