Salman Khan Sends Warning To Friends After Targeted Gun Attack

Salman Khan has sent a warning message to friends and family members after his Bandra apartment was attacked by Lawrence Bishnoi’s gunmen yesterday. 

Refusing to react to the incident publicly, the actor has gone back to continuing professional commitments as he doesn’t want the perpetrators to get any “undue attention,” but has however asked close ones not to drop by his home. 

Speaking to News18, father Salim Khan said, “Salman is very much focused on going about his work as planned earlier. He doesn’t want to give attention to those behind this firing incident because he feels that is exactly what they want.” 

“Instead, he has asked friends and actors from the industry not to worry. Further, he also asked them not to make any visits to Galaxy Apartments as it is getting inconvenient for other members of the society as well,” the veteran filmmaker explained. 

He also went on to add that the matter isn’t serious, and that those gangsters are only looking for attention. Salim clarified, “There is nothing to tell. They just want publicity, there is no need to worry.”

For those unaware: Salman was included in Lawrence Bishnoi’s elimination list for allegedly killing a blackbuck, which is an animal that carries an important cultural significance in their community 

Even as police investigations into Sunday's shootout outside actor Salman Khan's house gathered pace Monday, a stream of fans kept arriving outside his residence near Bandra Bandstand to show solidarity with 'Bhai' as they call him. 

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