Averted Threat:  Ukrainian Security Service detains Russian agents planning a terrorist attack in Kyiv.

TD-Target Date:  The attack was allegedly planned for May 9th, a significant date in Russia.

Mastermind:  The Security Service accuses Russia's Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of orchestrating the plot. 

Unclear Motive:  Details of the planned attack and its specific targets remain undisclosed. 

Proactive Response:  Ukrainian authorities credit their proactive measures for apprehending the agents 

Heightened Security:   This incident likely raises security concerns for upcoming events in Ukraine. 

Continuing Tensions:   The event highlights the ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia 

Information Gathering:  Further details about the plot and the captured agents are expected to be revealed. 

International Repercussions:   This incident may have international repercussions, raising questions about Russia's actions. 

Potential Escalation:   The foiled attack could lead to further escalation of tensions between the two nations