Eden Golan releases her Eurovision 2024 song “Hurricane”

Disqualified Song:  Israel's initial entry, "October Rain," was disqualified due to potentially political lyrics referencing past attacks.

Replacement Rejected:  Their backup, "Dancing Forever," wasn't accepted either.

Withdrawal Threat:  KAN, the Israeli broadcaster, almost pulled out rather than change the song.

Presidential Plea: President Herzog intervened, urging KAN to modify the lyrics for participation

"Hurricane" Emerges: "October Rain" transformed into the Eurovision-approved "Hurricane."

Revised Lyrics:  The lyrics were changed to meet the contest's non-political content rule.

EBU Approval:  The European Broadcasting Union deemed "Hurricane" competition-worthy

Eden Golan Takes the Stage:  Eden Golan became Israel's representative with the new song.

Eurovision Performance: "Hurricane" competed in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest.She achieved 5th place.