Leaks about the iPhone 16 suggest that it might have bigger screens, longer battery life, and smarter AI features. This gives us an idea of what Apple is working on.

IPhone 16

IPhone 16 Features:

There are rumors that the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max might have bigger screens, with sizes possibly reaching 6.27 and 6.86 inches, which would be the largest for iPhones. Also, there might be a change in how the cameras are set up. Instead of being diagonal like in the iPhone 15, they might be arranged vertically in the base models of the iPhone 16 series. This change could lead to new features like Spatial Video recording.

Battery improvements are anticipated for the iPhone 16 and 16 Pro Max, offering users longer battery life for their everyday activities. There's talk that the iPhone 16 Plus might have a smaller battery, but better battery technology could help balance any possible downsides.