Hillary Clinton Issues Warning About Donald Trump 

Hillary Clinton  

Hillary Clinton has spoken about the potential effects she sees for the environment should Donald Trump win this year's presidential election.  

Donald Trump,  

The presumed Republican contender for 2024 is none other than Donald Trump, who beat Hillary Clinton in their 2016 presidential contest. In November, he is anticipated to run against President Joe Biden, who is currently in office.  

Former Secretary of State Clinton, 

In response to the prospect of the former real estate billionaire winning a second term, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—who has been an avid critic of Trump throughout the years—shared a research on the possible environmental effects.  

On April 22,   

On April 22, she posted on X, the previous Twitter platform: "What are the effects of this November's elections for our climate? Everything, everything at all."  

Carbon Brief, 

A projection made on the scientific website Carbon Brief stated that Trump's comeback "could add 4 [billion tons] of U.S. emissions by 2030." The post included a link to this story.  

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 

Based on studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the report calculated that the projected emissions will cause damages to the global climate exceeding $900 billion.  

The analysis stated.  

"If Trump secures a second term, the U.S. would also very likely miss its global climate pledge by a wide margin, with emissions only falling to 28% below 2005 levels by 2030," the analysis stated.  

 Biden's Inflation Reduction Act 

One of the actions that Carbon Brief noted would result in these kinds of problems is Trump's possible reversal of Biden's 2022 Inflation Reduction Act.  

Inflation Reduction Act's passage 

After Republicans and several Democrats opposed the huge tax, energy, and environment measures, the Inflation Reduction Act was passed.