Dubai introduced a specific visa category for professional gamers, esports athletes, and streamers.

Targeted Audience:  This visa attracts skilled gamers and content creators to live, train, and compete in Dubai. 

Benefits:   The visa offers residency permits, allowing gamers to participate in the booming esports industry within Dubai.  

Booming Industry   Dubai aims to become a global hub for esports with dedicated facilities and tournament 

Evolving Details:  Specific details and regulations regarding the Dubai Gaming Visa are still being finalized

Visa Requirements: Specific details on requirements are still under development, but likely involve proof of income/sponsorship and esports achievements. 

 Immigration Streamlining:   The visa process is expected to be streamlined for qualified applicants

  Tax Advantages:   Dubai offers potential tax benefits for gamers under this visa scheme (details to be confirmed). 

Community Building:  The visa fosters a thriving gaming community in Dubai, attracting teams, studios, and events 

Economic Impact:   This initiative aims to boost Dubai's economy by attracting investments and tourism related to esports