Defense attacks Stormy Daniels’ credibility as she returns to the stand in Trump’s hush money trial

NEW YORK (AP) — In the hush money trial of Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels will take the witness stand once more on Thursday. The defense will attempt to discredit the porn star's outrageous claims on their purported sexual encounter and the cash she received in exchange for being silent.  

Stormy Daniels 

The defense team's cross-examination of Daniels, which is essential to the prosecution's case against Trump, who is accused of plotting to illegally influence the 2016 presidential campaign by stifling negative headlines about him, begins the trial of the former president.  

Former president 

Trump observed from the courtroom as Daniels spoke for hours on Tuesday about an unplanned intercourse that she claims they had in 2006. According to Trump, they never had intercourse. Even still, ten years later, she was paid to be silent during the last several weeks of the presidential campaign by Michael Cohen, Trump's attorney at the time.  

Unexpected sexual encounter 

In what may be the only criminal case against the presumed Republican presidential nominee to go to trial before voters decide in November whether to send Trump back to the White House, Daniels' testimony was a historic moment.  

Daniels’ testimony  

In addition to pleading not guilty and denying any act of misconduct, Trump has presented himself as the victim of a politically biased legal system that is trying to prevent him from being reelected.  

Pleaded not guilty, 

The goal of Trump's legal team has been to portray Daniels as an extortionist and liar who is out to destroy the former president after she gained fame and wealth from her account of him. At times, in response to sharp questions, Daniels pressed hard against the notion that she had attempted to blackmail Trump.  

Trump’s lawyers  

“Am I correct that you hate President Trump?” defense lawyer Susan Necheles asked Daniels. 

Susan Necheles  

When Daniels told him about their alleged sexual experience, Trump laughed and shook his head. Daniels had met Trump at a 2006 celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, whose sponsors included the adult film company where she worked.  

Adult film studio   

In a private exchange that was not visible to the jury or the public, the judge once admitted to the defense lawyers that he could hear Trump "cursing audibly."  

Judge told defense lawyers