Bank of America offers Pre-Approval for their Credit Cards

Bank of America offers pre-approval for their credit cards, which they call "pre-selected" or "customized offers." There are a couple of ways you might be pre-approved.

If you already bank with Bank of America, you might see pre-approved offers for credit cards when you log in to your online banking or mobile app. They might also ask you if you're interested in a card when you visit a branch. 

1) Existing Bank of America customer:

You can also try to get pre-approved for a Bank of America credit card online, even if you're not a customer yet. They have a tool on their website where you can fill out a short application with your basic information, including your Social Security number. You can also specify what type of credit card you're interested in, such as rewards, cash back, or balance transfer. 

2) Pre-approval tool:  

Bank of America sometimes sends credit card pre-approval offers in the mail. 

3) Direct mail offer: